Carole Lombard

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  1. Morris Galloway says:

    Regarding the crash, here are some facts from memory that you may wish to check. The aircraft was owned and flown by TWA. The highest mountain obstacle on the route was 2,800 feet above the surrounding plains. The pilot plotted a course taking the craft over a lower point. However, a navigation error took them right into the mountain. And here is the kicker:

    TWA told the pilot to conserve fuel by flying at a lower altitude than the mountain top. Had they spent a few more bucks on avgas and climbed to 3,000 or 3,500 they would have cleared the mountain.

    Sorry, I can’t remember the sources for this, but I think it is verifiable, or I would not have mentioned it. Hoping you have a great new year,
    I remain,
    M. G.

  2. Paladon says:

    I enjoyed reading about their life and love.

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