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I have done Carole Lombard Month the past five years and I know how past posts get lost in the shuffle, so here is a round-up of past items about Carole Lombard:

Clark Gable and Carole Lombard

Photos: Clark Gable and Carole Lombard on a Picnic

On Valentine’s Day, Clark Gable Drives Carole Lombard Crazy!

Carole Lombard Behaving Like a Mugg!

Culver City Welcomes Mrs. Rhett Butler

1938: Clark Gable and Carole Lombard Attend the Marie Antoinette Premiere

A Photographer’s View on Gone with the Wind and Carole Lombard

Hollywood: Carole Lombard Lived Here

Ahoy to the USS Carole Lombard

Property of Carole Lombard

Clark and Carole at the Races

Photos: At Home with Clark and Carole

Photogenic Clark and Carole

Carole Goes Bang! Bang!

Carole as Her Own Critic

The 13 Most Fascinating Women in John Barrymore’s Life

Monogamy: Hollywood’s Problem

Articles in the Article Archive:

Is Carole Lombard in Love At Last?Liberty, November, 1936
A Heart to Heart Letter to Carole Lombard and Clark Gable Screen Guide, November 1936
The Evolution of a Wow| Movie Mirror, December 1936
She Gets Away with Murder | Photoplay, 1937
The Utterly Balmy Home Life of Carole Lombard | Motion Picture, February 1937
How Will the Gable-Lombard Romance End?| Hollywood, June 1937
Clark Gable’s Romantic Plight | Photoplay, September 1937
Can the Gable-Lombard Love Story Have a Happy Ending? | Photoplay, May 1938
Hollywood Diary | The Family Circle, May 20, 1938
What’s Become of the Good Scout? |Modern Screen, August 1938
Happiness Ahead for Clark and Carole | Picture Play, August 1938
Why is Carole Lombard Hiding Out from Hollywood? | Screenbook, October 1938
Lombard–as She Sees Herself | Motion Picture, November 1938
Hollywood’s Unmarried Husbands and WivesPhotoplay, January 1939
Hollywood’s Goofy Gal Goes Glamorous Screen Book, February 1939
Will Clark Gable Ever Marry Carole Lombard? | Motion Picture, February 1939
Lombard Unlimited | Radio Mirror, April 1939
Blonde Beauty Grows Up | Photoplay, May 1939
Do Hollywood Women Spoil Their Men? | Photoplay, May 1939
Can the Gable-Lombard Romance Last? | Modern Screen, May 1939
How to Get Your Own Clark Gable | Movie Mirror, June 1939
Best Wishes, Carole Lombard Gable | Photoplay, June 1939
Will Carole Lombard’s Marriage End Her Career?| Motion Picture, July 1939
Our Home, Our Work–And Children | Movie Mirror, November 1939
Subject: Lombard | Photoplay, January 1940
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Gable | Ladies Home Journal, May 1940
Two Happy People Part 1 | Movie and Radio Guide, May 1940
Two Happy People Part 2 | Movie and Radio Guide, May 1940
Two Happy People Part 3 | Movie and Radio Guide, May 1940
Two Happy People Part 4Movie and Radio Guide, May 1940
→ Help Kill Crazy Rumors About Me! Says Carole Lombard (Mrs. Clark Gable)|  Screenland, May 1940
How Clark Gable and Carole Lombard Live| Photoplay, June 1940
At Home with the Gables | Modern Screen, August 1940
Carole Lombard | Movie Stars Parade, Autumn 1940
It Looked Good for a Laugh at the Time | Silver Screen, January 1941
Hollywood’s No.1 Menace | Movie Mirror, February 1941
She Knew What She Wanted | Screen Life, March 1941
The Gags of the Gables–Like Crazy! | Photoplay, April 1941
Goodbye, Carole | Modern Screen, April 1942
What the Loss of Carole Lombard Means to Clark Gable | Photoplay, April 1942
A Letter to Heaven | Screenland, April 1942
Carole Lombard’s Life Story Part 1 | (excerpt),1942
Carole Lombard’s Life Story Part 2 | (excerpt), 1942

Also there’s the main Carole Lombard page in the Info section and of course lots of pictures in the gallery!