Grace Kelly

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  1. Linda says:

    I wonder if Clark Gable was invited to Grace’s wedding in Monaco. Does any know?

  2. Deidree94 says:

    Not sure. But frank Sinatra had been invited but he didn’t go.

  3. Lynnie says:

    They were not close friends, most of the gossip about CG and GPK was to help sell “Mogambo”, so no, he was not invited to her wedding. Prince Rainier took a while to warm to Grace’s small but close group of friends from Hollywood but eventually did become a great friend of Frank Sinatra and Cary Grant. David Niven had a home not terribly far from the Palace in Monaco and was occasionally a guest of Rainier and Grace.

    BUT – Frank was the only male Hollywood friend who was invited to the wedding, but as Ava Gardner had also been invited, Frank chose to not come as he knew the press would cause trouble (Frank and Ava’s marriage was ending). His seat remained empty, so I imagine it was a last minute decision. (Many more came to her funeral, sadly) Grace and Rainier spent their 25th wedding anniversary, along with their three children, at Frank and Barbara Sinatra’s home. Cary Grant also continued to visit the Princely family after Grace’s passing.

    So heck no, Gable was not invited, not a slight or anything like that, they just did not know each other that well – he was actually dating someone else when the rumored crush or affair or whatever with Grace made the rounds. Gable accompanied Grace to her first Academy Awards because she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Mogambo. It was just how things worked then. I was always sad that Grace was basically alone the year she won – none of her family would come (they always thought she was unimportant, uninteresting and other awful things, and she loved them anyway), so on one of the hugest nights of her life, she sat next to IIRC her press agent. Life was not always rosy for Grace, but she was not a complainer and was kind and well liked by everyone she worked with. And very beloved by the people of Monaco.

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