Joan Crawford

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  1. Patty says:

    Thank you for this fantastic article! I just recently got into Gable & Crawford as a movie pairing and would now like to see all their films. I just watched “Forsaking All Others” yesterday and I about fell over when Clark spanked Joan with the brush! They were a phenomenal pairing and had sizzling chemistry.

  2. Felicia Farrell says:

    I have been a movie buff since I can remember. Never knew they did eight films together. Both gorgeous looking human beings. I always loved Clark Gables work, also admired him as a person off screen as well, however, as I admired and enjoyed Joan Crawfords body of work, not so much as a person off screen. I see Gable as the type of man who took what he wanted, if he wanted Joan as a wife, he would have asked. Carol Lombard was a comedian and a humanitarian, everything Joan was not. Something, I think, Gable found refreshing. Joan was more of a business partner,mixed in with a few quickies in the dressing room.
    You know, it’s funny, sometimes ones perception of a relationship can be percieved completely different from the other. Joan was a very vain woman, I don’t think Clark was as smitten with her as she thought.

  3. Eric D.davis says:

    I love joan crawford , Her and Clark Came from the some background Thats why there Relation ship Woked

  4. Eric D.davis says:

    I love joan Crawford More than Eny other actress, she came up thehard way , and made it I love her she was class all the way

  5. Keith Brown says:

    Informative article

    I think I read somewhere that Crawford asked Gable to be her costar in SUDDEN FEAR and he turned her down..Jack Palance was given the role of the murderous husband…Interesting to think how Gable would have handled the part…Although Palance was pretty good …

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