1950: Just Call Him King

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  1. Margaret says:

    This is a very interesting article if it is indeed as I presume written by Loretta young.
    Loretta is full of praise for Clark and seems to have nothing but admiration for him.
    This doesn’t sound like a woman who was date raped.
    Although I never believed them statements made by Loretta’s daughter in law it is even more clear now that the story of the date rape isn’t true.
    Sometimes I think gable might have doubted the paternity of Judy, maybe Clark wasn’t sure he was the father. Wasn’t Loretta pining after spencer tracey before she went on the set of call of the wild. Maybe gable justified walking out on Judy to himself by doubting his paternity. This along with the fact that both his and Loretta’s careers would have been finished by the truth coming out. I think Loretta pushed him out and only wanted financial assistance. Either way we will never know but I do think Judy looks more like Clark than john Clark who is his mother’s Double.

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