The Chase and Sanborn Hour


Sponsored by “the smooth flavor of Chase and Sanborn coffee,” The Chase and Sanborn Hour began in 1931 and featured Eddie Cantor. In 1937, the headliners on the show became popular ventriloquist Edgar Bergen and his sidekick dummy, Charlie McCarthy. Hosted by Jim Ameche, the show regularly featured Dorothy Lamour, W.C. Fields and Nelson Eddy, along with the weekly celebrity guests. In 1948, the show moved from NBC to CBS, gained a new cast (except for Edgar and Charlie) and was re-titled “The Charlie McCarthy Show”, with sponsors such as Coca-Cola and Kraft. The show officially ended its run in 1956.

edgar bergen charlie mccarthy clark gable

All Quiet on the Western Front

October 17, 1937




Clark, Nelson Eddy and Charlie McCarthy compete for a date with Dorothy Lamour




clark gable charlie mccarthy

February 18, 1940





Clark and Charlie McCarthy compare hunting stories