But Not for Me (1959)

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  1. Pat Baldwin says:

    After watching most of Clark Gable’s movies and reading all of the biographies about him like it was my job, I’ve come to the conclusion that he wasn’t acting….he was playing himself in different scenarios. He clearly WAS Rhett Butler!

    I’ve also noticed some things that seem consistent throughout each movie. He asks/demands his leading ladies to come to him at some point in the movie.

    He wasn’t a marrying man in his heart and apparently wasn’t a one-woman man ever.

    That said, I think love and sex were two very different things for him. That’s why he apparently paid hookers from time to time. No complications.

    He had unbelievable sex appeal and very few women (if any!) were immune. When he grabbed you for a kiss, he really enveloped you. He was also able to show desire in his eyes.

    I suspect he was a very passionate lover and seriously doubt if Carole Lombard’s comments about him being a lousy lay were in jest. (And about that, what man wouldn’t be mad as hell if his wife demeaned him in that area!)

    I think he had his own code of conduct and lived it. He was the most masculine man ever and THAT Is a very attractive quality!

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