Run Silent, Run Deep (1958)

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  1. Sharon Craig says:

    I’m watching the film now on TCM. I’ve seen it several times and was curious about the working relationship between Gable and Lancaster. When you mentioned the purchase of the home with the advance from the film, it prompted my memory. My father met Mr. Gable in Palm Springs in 1957 or 1958 and Dad later went for a visit to his home with Ray Ryan of the El Mirador Hotel. Dad was out there for the Palm Springs Desert Circus as Texas was being honored. Gable liked my Dad’s Stetson so much that Daddy had him one custom made in Houston and sent it it out to him.I have a picture of Gable atanding with wife Kay, my Dad, and Ray Ryan on their front porch or patio wearing Dad’s hat.

  2. Sharon Craig says:

    One more thought about the great Gable. My Dad said that they arrived as the Gables were sitting down to dinner, but that in all graciousness, Mr. Gable postponed his dinner to spend some time with someone he’d only just met. That speaks volumes to me now as it did to Dad. A great man and certainly worthy of our respect and admiration. I’m always a fan.

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