1961: Clark Gable as I Knew Him

2 comments on “1961: Clark Gable as I Knew Him
  1. Margaret says:

    Very enjoyable article and made me well up at the end. It seemed that Clark and Kay were very much in love and in a happy marriage when he so sadly passed on. Lovely to hear about him from his wife who you can tell adored him. It must have been horrific for her to lose such a wonderful man but she did what he would have wanted and got on with her life and had little john Clark.
    Kay seemed like a lovely lady and you can tell from how she describes their marriage that they were a well matched couple. You can also tell she is a very intelligent lady the way she reflects back on their life together.

  2. Pam says:

    Very enjoyable read. So sad they didnt have more happy years together.

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