1960: Clark Gable is Dead–A Last Intimate Look

One comment on “1960: Clark Gable is Dead–A Last Intimate Look
  1. Mary Gold says:

    Great site ! I am currently reading warren harris bio of gable, it s very well written & was a bargain purchase on Amazon if you d like to get a copy. This site has all those magazine articles referred to in the book so it is neat to be able to *get more details*.
    Although I never experienced the infatuation the public had with Hollywood, (way, way before my time) I am, years later, a huge fan of GWTW !
    I have enjoyed Gable’s acting in pictures seen on Classic Movies, however he has never been the
    heart throb, to me anyway, that other women seem to see. He has an overly large head, a too oily face & hair, & that scrawney mustache, & protruding ears I find off putting. However reading his bio I have respect for his tenacity in succeeding at getting his career & his early life with all the twists & turns it takes is fascinating.
    Unfortunately his behaviors were those of a serial womanizer, & he apparently had plenty of willing actress responders. So there must have been some type of innate charm Gable had that
    escapes me ! (LOL)
    Regardless of my personal opinion this site is a great opportunity to learn alot, thanks for putting it online !

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