Virginia Grey

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  1. Virginia is somehow related to me, as a cousin. I met her many, many years ago. I believe she is part of the Brigham Young family and that’s how she is connected to my family. I’m still truing to find out more information about her. My mother and I would always hear from Cousin Clara (Young) when Virginia had a movie coming out or was on TV. If anyone reading this knows more about Virginia please feel free to email me at

  2. Clark bought Virginia a house in Encino. She really thought she would marry him one day. He was definitely the love of her life.

  3. admin says:

    Oh wow! I adore Virginia. I truly think that she was the one Clark should have married after Carole died.

  4. cliff says:

    Thanks for this! A very classy lady and one of my favorites. Here’s a little something about her B movie career:

  5. Carol says:

    I’d read her name but after I read The Girl Nobody Knows & watching her in The Women, wonder who really considered Norma Shearer beautiful. She’s okay but Virginia has a great smile & wisecracking in that film. Powers at MGM probably had to put Norma in a starring role but why? Was public interested in Norma Shearer?
    Paulette Goddard was also a beautiful woman in The Women.

    Thank you for article. I’ll watch for more of Virginia Grey on TCM & TCM on demand.

    I enjoy this website very much!

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