1942: The Story Gable Wouldn’t Tell!

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  1. Clark Gable seems to have been a unique individual, whose humility and his humanity belied his physical demeanor. I enjoyed watching his acting, and he truly was the king of Hollywood for as long as he was there. But for me, I noticed some things about him that made him such a decent, thoughtful and great human being’ I applaud him for not being a racist, at a time when it was fashionable to be such, without any backlash.

    When the premier of Gone With the Wind was going to be held in Atlanta, one of Gable’s co-stars, the formidable black actress, Hattie McDaniels was denied the opportunity to attend the occasion, though she played a sizeable role in the film. It was reported that Gable had a fit, stating that Ms. McDaniels was just as much a part of the picture as the rest of them had been, and that if she could not attend, then neither was he. At her urging, McDaniels showed her appreciation at his stance, but let him know that she was okay with his attending. This took great strength of character, and shows that Mr. Gable cared about people of color, and all human rights.

    I also appreciated his profound love for his wife, Carol Lombard. He showed that he was human, and not just some narcissistic actor. He also continued to financially aid his first wife after their divorce. What a decent man. I won’t ever forget him.

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