1957: I Call on Clark Gable

5 comments on “1957: I Call on Clark Gable
  1. Barry Lane says:

    That is just great stuff. Thanks.

  2. Judy Harris says:

    I love reading about Gable! Thank you!

  3. Sonia Solari Salvatici says:

    A very interesting interview. He always had been seemed me a personality, in spite of the comments of his beginnings. He is an actor that I will never forget. I like most of his films.

  4. D. Duran says:

    He didn’t know how big the tv screens would become, even though it will never be the same as going to the movie theater. It would be nice to see some interviews or something more of Clark Gable in tv specials.
    What ever became of his son that he didn’t have much time with?

  5. admin says:

    His son was born after Clark died. John Clark Gable tried to be an actor for bit, was a race car driver for a bit, was married and divorced twice, had two kids and now lives in Malibu and is 56 years old.

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