1955: Clark Gable: After 25 Years in Hollywood, He’s on His Own

One comment on “1955: Clark Gable: After 25 Years in Hollywood, He’s on His Own
  1. Jamie Strong says:

    The fact that this guy was willing to boycott the “Gone With The Wind” Oscar award premiere for Hattie McDaniel tells me everything I need to know about him. A true gentleman, a true guy, a true friend.

    Clark is definitely one of my all time favorite actors, just wished he was as smart as Gary Cooper and ran away from those studio contracts sooner! He went independent at age 55, and died at 59. He missed out on an absolute enormous fortune. This guy made about $35,000 on “GWTW”. Geez Louise!

    Maybe one day my film company, Dreamboat Motion Pictures will do contracts with our talented actors but with the option to do percentage deals. Of course it would only work if they had “Box Office” notoriety or implemented “sales” strategies.

    But until then, I’ll continue growing as an indie film maker in North Carolina, and hosting “The Jamie Strong Show” on cable television.

    — Jamie Strong ‘2017

    (Jamie Strong is a 46 year old writer/director living in the Carolinas. Author of 2 paperback novels, 14 full length feature films and counting which have all aired on Time Warner cable television. Contact him at: jamiestrongshow@yahoo.com or (704) 840-7967)

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