1957: The King and I

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  1. Linda says:

    Very interesting article about daily life at the ranch. I don’t get the dove hunting though; aren’t doves a sign of peace and didn’t Carole Lombard send doves to Clark Gable right after they started seeing each other as a peace offering? Do you eat doves?
    I don’t get the whole shooting ducks thing either but I guess they looked at it differently than we do today.
    Anyway, the ranch sounds just about perfect and heaven on earth and I’m glad they had it and made it into such a wonderful home for themselves.
    I know what happened to Bunker but have heard nothing about his sister.
    Thanks, as always, for this wonderful site.

  2. Coco B says:

    Kay was able to give Clark a lot in those last years. She was a smart woman in many ways and she was able to stand her ground too very quietly.

    By the time Clark married Kay he had grown too. He understood that no woman could/would compete with Carole’s ghost. I think he loosened up a bit. Kay as well understood him enough that she knew not to erase Carole’s memory. So they were able to meet in the middle and be happy.

    Sylvia on the other hand has always seemed an unpleasant woman in addition to the erasing of Carole.

    The article is definitely good publicity at this point in Clark’s career.

  3. Carol says:

    I think Kay was bad mother to leave kids w/nurse. I have no doubt why that son grew up to be drug addict & die from OD. I firmly believe what you learn young stick w/you forever.

  4. admin says:

    I know it was a different time period, but I am a mother myself and cannot imagine having my young children sleeping in a different building than me! It’s hard to swallow because Kay paints herself as the perfect wife and mother in her book and in interviews yet it seems her children were for the most part raised by outsiders. They went to boarding school and away-summer camp as well.

  5. Carol says:

    I grew up in middle class family & my mother didn’t even have a driver’s license until 1977 at age 50. She was of that era & stayed home & raised 2 sets of kids. My older brother is 10.5 years older than I am, and she raised one of my cousins-her sister died when he wasn’t quite 4 & uncle had to work, so cousin lived with us, before I was part of us.
    Then I came along & a brother 2 years later.

    When my father retired in 1977 they got on each other’s nerves. Then she started being independent & learned how to drive, work part time.

  6. Kimberly Kennedy says:

    I love this story. Yes it is true what is being said here in the comments. Although Kay painted the lovely motherhood role, I read that she was not very hands on. I imagine since she was extremely spoiled through life with floods of money. So her and Gable left the kids a lot with other to care for them. But keep in mind they were loaded. So maybe she also feared too much of them around Gable might bother him…I heard the girls turned out well. Broke my heart when I read after Gable died, Bunker used Gable’s Oscar as a door stop. Anyhow lovely story. I think they were a good match. I wish there could be more posts of Kay in color as well as the ring Clark gave her and photos of them with the Menascos. Also wish some of those photo books she was working on were available to see. She had gorgeous eyes.

  7. Kimberly Kennedy says:

    What I like most about Kay though is she seemed easy going and left things the way Clark liked rather than change things like Sylvia. I have read a letter she wrote when donating Clark’s ring that Carole gave him. To me Kay, did not hold a lot of ties to much like objects..She could move on pretty easy it seemed.

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