Photos from the November 1939 edition of Silver Screen magazine:

clark gable carole lombard ranch

They really live on a ranch, but Carole and Clark call it “The Farm.” It has fourteen acres in Encino, California, and they bought it from Director Raoul Walsh, who used to live there. Their house isn’t very large, but it’s built for comfort and informality. Carole and Clark did all of the furnishing and decorating themselves. There’s a large main living room with a small adjacent bar; a cozy dining room off which is the kitchen and butler’s pantry; two small cellar rooms, one of which Clark calls his “gun room” and the other “the office” because that’s where they keep all bills and data bout their farm. Upstairs are two bedrooms, two baths and two dressing rooms and that’s all. They raise chickens and flowers mostly. Clark has taken over the actual management of the place and knows exactly what he’s about., since originally he came from a ¬†farm. Just about every fruit and vegetable you can think of grows on the place. They couldn’t be happier, these typical farmers, which is well to remember as you see Clark in “Gone with the Wind” and Carole in “Vigil in the Night.”