Last month, we posted Photoplay magazine’s sketch of Clark Gable as Rhett, from 1937. The following month, Photoplay upped the ante by publishing a sketch of Clark as Rhett with a woman that represented what they thought Scarlett should look like. Think Vivien Leigh fit the bill?

clark gable rhett butler scarlett ohara gone with the windIs This Scarlett?

Again Vincentini scores–with this picture of Scarlett, as Photoplay conceived her. The prime requisite was, we told him, that Scarlett must be in Gable’s arms, for you see we still insist on Clark as Rhett. For the rest, she must have the fire of Paulette Goddard; the acting ability of Shearer; the voice of Alicia Rhett, Southern girl candidate, whose name is really identical with the hero’s. The artist, we believe, has endowed her with all these qualities, and a few identical charms of her own, for isn’t she still Scarlett O’Hara, Miss Unknown? Now turn the page and read her story

Funny they mention Alicia Rhett, who ended up being cast as India Wilkes! That story they mention coming up next week!