clark gable 1959

From December 1959:

Clark Gable doesn’t agree with big money Hollywood stars who set up camp in low-tax Switzerland. 

“The USA is good enough for me,” says the longtime matinee idol. 

Besides, he adds with a smile, Clark Gable is no millionaire.

“I don’t know where anybody gets the idea I’m a rich man,” he says. “The British press is always asking me that question. I’m not–at least not moneywise. But I’m happy and I consider that being pretty rich.”

Had it not been for his remaining under straight contract with MGM Studios, Gable might be better off in the financial department. 

“It’s only recently,” he says, “that I’ve gotten a percentage from the pictures I make. I finally got smart. But not smart enough soon enough to become a millionaire.”

Despite being a non-millionaire, Gable admits thinking about retirement.

“I probably will retire,” he adds, “when my pictures stop making money. And when I do, I can assure you I won’t be making any return engagements.”