Want to see some rare Carole Lombard photos? Happy to oblige. Here are some I uncovered in vintage scrapbooks.

If you follow the site on Facebook, you may have seen some of these already, but who wouldn’t want a second look at the divine Miss Lombard? And sorry about the watermarks, but don’t blame me, blame the people who steal photos that cost me money from my website and don’t give me any credit!

How about this amazing color shot?

carole lombard color


Having some fun on the set of her film “Vigil in the Night.”

carole lombard vigil in the night

Hey, she even got a goofy look out of Charles Laughton while filming “They Knew What They Wanted.” Doesn’t she look modern in this photo? You could plop her down in 2016 and she wouldn’t look at all out of place!

carole lombard charles laughton

Calling her “Pappy.” The location was Napa Valley for filming of “They Knew What They Wanted.”

carole lombard clark gable

Having a blast playing backgammon with Cary Grant and Kay Francis on the set of “In Name Only.”

carole lombard kay francis cary grant

One of those in the series of Carole dumping roses on Robert Montgomery, publicity for “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.”

carole lombard robert montgomery

Carole and Robert kiss up to “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” director Alfred Hitchcock.

robert montgomery alfred hitchcock carole lombard

There are a lot of great publicity photos for Carole’s 1937 film “True Confession.” Here’s a great one:

carole lombard una merkel fred macmurray


Carole and her husband Clark Gable (maybe you’ve heard of him?) enjoying some oysters at the Brown Derby.

clark gable carole lombard brown derby

And finally, the fashionable pair caught out and about:

clark gable carole lombard

More to come!