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From July 1941:

Because Clark Gable and Carole Lombard interested themselves in his career, tall, handsome Reed Hadley, who hails from Texas via New York theatre and radio acting stopovers, appears to be safely launched in Hollywood.

Young Hadley first attracted Miss Lombard’s attention when he appeared with her on a national radio broadcast. Gable met him at that time also.Both were impressed with young Hadley’s appearance and talents.

Gable subseqyently suggested to Director Clarence Brown that Hadley be tested for the role of a young British officer in “They Met in Bombay” at MGM. Gable and Rosalind Russell are co-starring in the picture and a requirement of the officer part was that it be filled by a man whose uniform could be donned by Gable.

Hadley, who has that stature,w as signed for the part without formality of a test, after being interviewed by Director Brown.


Not sure how true this is. I don’t find Reed Hadley being credited for a role in They Met in Bombay, but he did have a long career in film and television.