Some of my favorite finds when I am scouring through old fan magazines are candids of random stars together. “I never knew that Blank ever even met Blank!” I often think, particularly now during “awards show season”, how the generations to come won’t feel similar joy, since there are thousands of pictures taken at every red carpet event, awards show and party and so thus the surprise of seeing stars posing together has dwindled.

Here are some shots of Clark with other Tinseltown folk…

clark gable robert taylor

with Robert Taylor

george burns gracie allen clark gable

with George Burns and Gracie Allen

clark gable errol flynn

with Errol Flynn

clark gable judy garland

with Judy Garland

clark gable margaret o'brien

with Margaret O'Brien

mickey rooney clark gable

with Mickey Rooney

marlene dietrich clark gable

with Marlene Dietrich

paulette goddard clark gable

with Paulette Goddard

jack lemmon clark gable

with Jack Lemmon

marilyn maxwell clark gable

with Marilyn Maxwell

roy rogers clark gable

with Roy Rogers

clark gable ann dvorak

with Ann Dvorak

clark gable susan peters

with Susan Peters

clark gable elizabeth taylor

with Elizabeth Taylor

clark gable ginger rogers

with Ginger Rogers

clark gable ann sheridan

with Ann Sheridan

clark gable shirley temple

with Shirley Temple

clark gable jayne mansfield

with Jayne Mansfield

clark gable marie dressler

with Marie Dressler

clark gable katharine hepburn

with Katharine Hepburn

clark gable james stewart

with Jimmy Stewart


nancy davis clark gable

with Nancy Davis

gary cooper clark gable

with Gary Cooper

clark gable bette davis

with Bette Davis

clark gable spencer tracy robert taylor william powell

with Spencer Tracy, Robert Taylor and William Powell

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Forest Lawn Glendale

Forest Lawn Glendale is gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous! I have heard this before, of course, but this is one of those times where words don’t do it justice. Founded in 1906, the memorial park is famous for its vast collection of sculpture and art, as well as for being one of the first cemeteries to not allow upright headstones, giving the park a smoother look and appeal.

Forest Lawn Glendale

There truly is no other cemetery like it, not that I have ever seen in my life. Of the five we visited, this was the first one (for obvious reasons) and we said later on that we shouldn’t have visited it first since it made all the other cemeteries pale in comparison!

Forest Lawn Glendale

The history here is just incredible. The people who are buried here, were married here, had their funerals here, visited here…

The front gate of Forest Lawn Glendale

The front gates on the day of Jean Harlow's funeral in 1937

It could not have been a more picturesque day when we visited. It was the kind of weather you associate with southern California–72 degrees, sunny, blue skies with few clouds. The only sounds we heard while we walked around the lawn were birds chirping. Separated into sections with names like Vesperland, Graceland (and, the saddest of all, a heart-shaped section called Babyland that was all infant graves), the grounds are pristine and well groomed.

Forest Lawn Glendale

This place is gigantic; over 300 acres and an estimated quarter of a million people are buried on the property. If you ever find yourself here, make sure you know who you are looking for and where; Forest Lawn is not a cemetery where you can just wander around and find celebrities. From the top of the hill by the Great Mausoleum it looked like the rows and rows of graves went on forever.  

Forest Lawn Glendale

Despite signs, we got lost trying to find our way out when we went to leave–it is just that massive. There are more celebrities buried here than in any one place in the world, or so I am told. So please do forgive me if I didn’t visit one of your favorite people that is buried here, as it is we spent nearly four hours roaming around!

We had to give up on finding Carole Lombard’s brother Stuart Peters. The only instruction we had was that he was on Sunrise Slope outside the Great Mausoleum and his plot number. Well, the plots aren’t numbered on the ground at all and after a very long time strolling and reading every tombstone one by one, we had to move on. But Stuart is here….somewhere.

Forest Lawn Glendale

 The one grave that stands out on Sunrise Slope is that of comedian Joe E. Brown.

Joe E Brown

Joe E Brown

Forest Lawn Glendale Joe E. Brown

Jimmy Stewart has a great view on the top of a hill, next to his beloved wife, Gloria (sunflower courtesy of yours truly). I thought her epitaph was really touching. Especially since Jimmy never got over her death and his last words were “I’m going to see Gloria now.”

Jimmy & Gloria Stewart

Jimmy & Gloria Stewart

Forest Lawn Glendale Jimmy Stewart

Forest Lawn Glendale Gloria Stewart

Actress Merle Oberon, who briefly dated Clark right before he started dating Carole, is buried here, tucked away in a quaint little section called the Garden of Rememberance.

Clark Gable & Merle Oberon

Clark Gable and Merle Oberon

Forest Lawn Glendale Garden of Rememberance

Forest Lawn Glendale Merle Oberon

 Not too far from here is the Wee Kirk o’ Heather chapel. Many people have been married here, including Ronald Reagan and Jane Wyman. Notably in Clark Gable history, Jean Harlow’s funeral was held here on June 9, 1937.  Clark and Carole attended, as well as many Hollywood luminaries. Clark served as one of the pallbearers.

Clark Gable Carole Lombard

Clark and Carole at Jean's funeral

The chapel on the day of Jean Harlow's funeral

Forest Lawn Glendale Wee Kirk o Heather Chapel

Forest Lawn Glendale Wee Kirk o Heather Chapel

Forest Lawn Glendale Wee Kirk o Heather

Forest Lawn Glendale Wee Kirk o Heather Chapel

Wee Kirk o the Heather

 A short drive to another part of the park…

Clark’s longtime friend Robert Taylor’s cremated remains are here in the Garden of Honor, very inconspicuous in the wall in a section called Columbarium of the Evening Star.

Forest Lawn Glendale Garden of Honor

Forest Lawn Glendale Columbarium of the Evening Star

Taylor was a pallbearer at Clark’s funeral. Taylor’s widow, Ursula Theiss, died last year and is reportedly in there with him, but is currently unmarked.

Clark Gable and Robert Taylor

Clark Gable and Robert Taylor

Forest Lawn Glendale Robert Taylor

 Forest Lawn Glendale Robert Taylor

Forest Lawn Glendale Robert Taylor

Clark’s sassy blonde co-star in Adventure, Joan Blondell, is here as well, with a marker so small you have to really be looking for it.

Clark Gable and Joan Blondell

Clark Gable and Joan Blondell

Forest Lawn Glendale Joan Blondell

Forest Lawn Glendale Joan Blondell

Legendary Spencer Tracy, a friend who co-starred with Clark in Test Pilot and San Francisco, is buried here in his own private garden with a marker that simply says “Tracy.” He was also a pallbearer at Clark’s funeral.

Clark Gable Spencer Tracy

Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy

Forest Lawn Glendale Spencer Tracy

Forest Lawn Glendale Spencer Tracy

Nearby is also the private garden of Walt Disney.

Walt Disney

Walt Disney

Forest Lawn Glendale Walt Disney

Forest Lawn Glendale Walt Disney

Looming just beyond these gardens is the Freedom Mausoleum– the newer, lesser-known, but still beautiful mausoleum.

Forest Lawn Glendale Freedom Mausoleum

Forest Lawn Glendale Freedom Mausoleum

Interred here is Clark’s co-star in San Francisco and a singing legend, Jeanette MacDonald, who shares her spot with her actor husband, Gene Raymond. Gene co-starred with Carole Lombard in Brief Moment and  Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

Gene Raymond Jeanette MacDonald

Gene Raymond and Jeanette MacDonald

Forest Lawn Glendale Freedom Mausoleum

Forest Lawn Glendale Nat King Cole Gene Raymond Jeanette MacDonald

Speaking of singing legends, you can see above them is the final resting place of Nat King Cole.

Nearby is the plot for George Burns and Gracie Allen, sweetly marked “Together Again.”

Clark Gable, Gracie Allen and George Burns

Clark Gable, Gracie Allen and George Burns

Forest Lawn Glendale Gracie Allen and George Burns

We struck out on the lawn with Carole’s brother Stuart, but had better luck in the mausoleum finding Carole’s other brother, Frederic:

Carole Lombard and brother Fred Peters

Forest Lawn Glendale Stuart Peters

Coming tomorrow:  The conclusion of my Hollywood blog posts brings the Great Mausoleum–final resting place of Clark and Carole, and also the Church of the Recessional, where both of their funerals were held.

Forest Lawn Glendale

The Great Mausoleum

candid52 fred peters

From January 1941:

Leave it to Hollywood to think up ways and means of having fun at parties. The newest is the musical instrument gag that develops into an amateur orchestra with big name guests furnishing the music, if such it can be called. Going on the assumption that everyone thinks he can play some instrument whether he can or not, the Jack Bennys, at a recent shindig, rented an assortment of musical noisemaners and bade the guests go to it.

Clark Gable and Bob Taylor each grabbed a saxophone, Gracie Allen a flute, Barbara Stanwyck a trombone, Jack Benny a bass violin, while Mary Livingston snitched the drums. After due rehearsals (and the night shall be filled with music, did you say?) the amateur orchestra delivered, “I’ll Never Smile Again”, with variations.

George Burns declared he, for one, never would smile again.


I, for one, would have loved to have heard that! Regardless of how bad it was!

This week, there are lots of new photos in the gallery. I am working on the gallery format a bit so I apologize if it doesn’t work properly in the coming days.