clark gable

From February 1945:

Before Clark Gable went to New York on his last trip, Anita Colby asked him to telephone her sister, Francine, when he got to the big city. He called Francine and said, “This is Clark Gable.” Francine said, “This is Lana Turner,” and hung up.

Rosalind Russell, Clark Gable and Anita Colby

Rosalind Russell, Clark Gable and Anita Colby

From 1945:

It took her a long time to go social, but Sonja Henie finally cracked out with Hollywood’s first post-war party. She gave it the works! There was a buffet supper served inside a huge tent. A dance floor, music, and not coin a phrase, more stars than there are in heaven. Clark Gable was with Anita Colby–not serious (they say) but having such fun together. Joan Fontaine and Mrs. Ronald Colman wore the same “exclusive” gown, which didn’t make Joan too happy. Joan Crawford and Phil Terry arrived early, left early and danced only with each other. They missed the best impromptu floor show pit on by Danny Kaye and Cesar Romero. 

clark gable anita colby

From 1948:

I am sure that no imperial gala ever ordered by the Emperor Franz Josef himself ever surpassed the splendor of the party in the Crystal Room of the Beverly Hills Hotel, following the premiere of “The Emperor Waltz.” The first showing of the film, which was a formal, international affair, drew a record throng of celebrities to the Hollywood Paramount Theatre where they ran the gauntlet of cheers and shouts from thousands of admiring fans…

The “cinema-soxers” roared their delight when Clark Gable and Bing Crosby swapped jokes right in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard where their cars were held up by the traffic jam. 

Incidentally Clark garnered the most applause when he appeared with Anita Colby, although pandemonium broke loose for Betty Hutton and yells went up for Alan Ladd, Paulette Goddard, Burgess Meredith, Betty Grable and Harry James, Van Johnson, Sonja Henie, Loretta Young, Esther Williams, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz and the two stars of the picture, Bing Crosby with Dixie and Joan Fontaine with husband Bill Dozier, all of whom were among the five score celebrities present.