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Maria “Ria” Franklin 1931-1939 Stats Born Maria Franklin on January 17,1884 in Kentucky, to George and his wife, Anna. 5’2, brunette, brown eyed Quotes “Clark never did anything to embarrass me. Our marriage was one of mutual respect.” “I’ve always told Clark he could have a divorce any day he asked me for it. And […]

This article from 1932 appeared in the same magazine and was by the same writer as last week’s article, appearing nearly a year later. Oh and what a difference a year makes! Just the year before, she was asking him what kind of woman he preferred. Not anymore! Now he is being painted as the […]

Gable Denies Divorce Rumors By Gladys Hall Movie Classic magazine, August 1932   “Absurd!” says Clark, and explains why—so that you can’t doubt him. Moreover, he tells you just how he has changed in this past year—and how he hasn’t changed. He reveals how he figures his success and what his future plans are. In […]

From August 1936: People who are wealthy always have relatives or friends who are willing to share the burden of riches. In the case of married masculine stars, trouble ensues when they separate from their wives. Rudy Vallee discovered this fact when his ex-mate, Fay Webb, attempted to set aside a property agreement. The case […]

From February 1936: Clark Gable returned to town from another “duck hunt”—and there is a reason  for those quotes—and is dashing hither and yon in a very handsome new car. Mrs. Rhea Gable gave a very handsome dinner party on a recent evening, and one of the guests was a Mary Taylor. One of Clark’s […]

From February 1936: At a party we saw Mrs. Clark Gable chatting with the ex-wife of a famous star. “My husband didn’t play fair about alimony,” said the ex-wife. “I gave him the most dignified divorce Hollywood ever saw. I chaperoned him and his girl friend for months to avoid scandal. Now she has him […]