Lux Radio Theater

Lux Radio Theater, brought into American homes by the makers of Lux Soap, was the most popular and longest running drama series on the radio. It aired on NBC from 1934-1935, CBS from 1935-1954 and again on NBC from 1954-1955. Legendary director Cecil De Mille became the host from 1936-1945, once the show moved from New York to Hollywood.

The Legionnaire and the Lady

clark gable marlene dietrich cecil b demille










June 1, 1936

Performed by Clark Gable and Marlene Dietrich

The first performance in Hollywood. At the end, Clark makes some candid comments and Marlene sings her classic song “Falling in Love Again”.





A Farewell to Arms

April 5, 1937

Performed by Clark Gable, Josephine Hutchinson and Adolphe Menjou




The Buccaneer

November 14, 1938

Performed by Clark Gable and Olympe Bradna




It Happened One Night

March 20, 1939

clark gable claudette colbert walter connolly

Performed by Clark Gable, Claudette Colbert and Walter Connolly