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List of Clark Gable’s radio appearances, some with links to the audio. A work in progress!


December 21, 1934 Hollywood Hotel, “After Office Hours”
with Stuart Erwin
August 9, 1935 Hollywood Hotel,   “China Seas’
with Jean Harlow, Rosalind Russell
November 11, 1935 Lux Radio Theater,   “His Misleading Lady”
June 1, 1936 Lux Radio Theater,   “The Legionnaire and the Lady”
with Marlene Dietrich
February 2, 1937 Red Cross Flood Relief
with Carole Lombard
April 5, 1937 Lux Radio Theater,   “A Farewell to Arms”
with Josephine Hutchinson, Adolphe Menjou
October 17, 1937 The  Chase and Sanborn Hour, “All Quiet on the  Western Front”
with Nelson Eddy,  Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy
December 5, 1937 The Silver Theater, “Detour to Love”
with Paula Winslow
May 5, 1938 Good News,   “Manhattan Melodrama”
with Robert Young, Florence Rice
October 28, 1938 Good News,   “A Free Soul”
with Lionel Barrymore, Rita Johnson
November 14, 1938 Lux Radio Theater,   “The Buccaneer”
with Olympe Bradna
December 4, 1938 The Silver Theater, “Danger Lights”
with Paula Winslow
March 20, 1939 Lux Radio Theater,   “It Happened One Night”
with Claudette Colbert, Walter Connolly
October 29, 1939 The Gulf Screen Guild Theater, “Imperfect Lady”
with Ginger Rogers
December 10, 1939 The Silver Theater, “For Richer, For Richer”
February 18, 1940 The Chase and Sanborn Hour
with Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy
October 6, 1940 The Gulf Screen Guild Theater, “Red Dust”
with Ann Sothern, Rita Johnson, Jeffrey Lynd
1941 United Press on the Air
with Carole Lombard
January 8, 1941 Greek War Relief Benefit
with Merle Oberon
August 4, 1942 Command Performance
with Bette Davis, Cass   Daley, Carmen Miranda, Dinah Shore
October 26, 1944 Command Performance, “Winged Victory Edition”
with Ginny Sims, Peter Lind Hayes, Claude Stroud
December 4, 1944 The Gulf Screen Guild Theater, “China Seas”
with Lucille Ball and Anna Lee
1945 March of Dimes: Music   Fights for Infantile Paralysis
May 2, 1945 Mail Call 
with Bob Hope, Margaret O’Brien, Dame May Whitty
November 21, 1946 The Burns and Allen Show
December 1, 1949 The Screen Guild Theater, “Command Decision”
with Walter Pidgeon, John Hodiak. Van Johnson, Edward Arnold