Loretta Young

2 comments on “Loretta Young
  1. Patti says:

    Loretta did the right thing…she gave Her baby life and loved her. Thats what a Mom is supposed to do. She protected her as well. What a blessing a child is.

  2. Mary Gold says:

    Hollywood people live such trashy lifestyles. Gable was a notorious womanizer & Loretta Young had *affairs* with lots of men. Spencer Tracy was another married man she was involved with & besides Gable Young also had a previous affair with the director of *Call of the Wild*!
    I guess they believe that all the money makes them immune from common morals.
    Loretta had the audacity to claim to be devoutly Catholic ! I guess she felt her money given to the church helped erase her bad behavior !
    Her daughter apparently was a decent & accomplished person but sadly she had to endure alot of unnecessary *pain* to accomodate the *egos* of her 2 vain parents !

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