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  1. Patti says:

    Loretta did the right thing…she gave Her baby life and loved her. Thats what a Mom is supposed to do. She protected her as well. What a blessing a child is.

  2. Mary Gold says:

    Hollywood people live such trashy lifestyles. Gable was a notorious womanizer & Loretta Young had *affairs* with lots of men. Spencer Tracy was another married man she was involved with & besides Gable Young also had a previous affair with the director of *Call of the Wild*!
    I guess they believe that all the money makes them immune from common morals.
    Loretta had the audacity to claim to be devoutly Catholic ! I guess she felt her money given to the church helped erase her bad behavior !
    Her daughter apparently was a decent & accomplished person but sadly she had to endure alot of unnecessary *pain* to accomodate the *egos* of her 2 vain parents !

  3. Marta says:

    Miss Young was divorced then carried on with married man Gable, “heartbroken” from her ended affair with another married man Spencer Tracy. She lied to her husband Tom Lewis about the baby even to insult her sisters reputation that the baby was her sisters illigimate child. That’s NOT my idea of devout Catholic. Sad.

  4. Charlotte houser says:

    In a time of such moral codes in Hollywood, Loretta did what she had to do and suffered for her actions enough without people criticizing her for it..those were different times then they are now. There is so little morality today. People always having babies out of wedlock and thinking nothing of it…

  5. Me Jones says:

    It seems from the description of Clark Gable’s discussion with Loretta Young’s mother that he was not thrilled with the unexpected pregnancy, but was prepared to do the right thing. Who knows, perhaps she was afraid the fallout might be.
    Those were different times. Too bad the girl had to live her life shrouded in such secrecy, but she did have a life, and it seems he stepfather and her mother did care for her. And too bad for Clark Gable that in his life he never had the pleasure of being a Dad, which it seems it is something he wanted.

  6. C. Machado says:

    Just finished reading “All the Stars in Heaven” and it really peeked my interest in Loretta, Clarke and Judy. What a story, it was a different time yes and only sorry that Judy and Clarke never were able to establish any kind of father daughter relationship.

  7. ROBERT says:

    LORETTA YOUNG adhered to 1 PETER 4:5 to atone for what she understood to be sinful. JUDY LEWIS got to avoid the realities of the great depression, WW II and the Korean War, being a normal person. CLARK GABLE did not live to see the child he wanted. And MISS YOUNG’S career was sinceless cut short by new NBC TV executives. It seems only the child. won.

  8. ROBERT IRVIN says:

    Why can’t my reply be published?

  9. admin says:

    I have to approve each and every comment. So it takes me a long time.

  10. I heard in a few accounts that Lorreta Young was date raped in a time where the survivor was especially made to feel at fault. Plus being known as a ” rape child” could have severely damaged Judy Lewis. Clark Gable would seem to have gotten off Scott free in my humble opinion.

  11. Maria says:

    When I was around 12 in the 70s, my sisters and I thought the world of these old-time actors. Sadly, growing up you read all the deception that really goes on in Hollywood. If the truth is that Loretta Young was raped by Clark, then what she kept from her illegitimate daughter was a good thing as she tried to protect her, it appears. What I find disturbing in the article is how she had a love affair with Spencer Tracy, a married man, and further in the article– if true– she was disappointed that Gable, also a married man, did not marry her! These men were married. Young was supposedly a devout Catholic? Sorry but you can’t have it both ways.

  12. Rosie says:

    I guess it’s easier to criticize Young for being a “hypocrite” than criticize Gable for allegedly raping her.

  13. Renee says:

    I think the whole situation is tragic in itself. Gable and Young had a child together, one that Young raised and Gable did not. A child that had to be kept a secret and could not know her true origins until decades later, then had to hide it herself.

    I feel Young did the best she could at a time when having children out of wedlock were seen as immoral and studios were known to fix things, including arranging abortions for their unmarried stars. Young did what she could in difficult circumstances and had to herself deny that Judy was her biological daughter for many years as a result.

    As for the accusations of Gable date-raping Young, that is hard discuss and prove happened. I am not trying to deny this, more that since Gable and Young have passed, and this happened eighty years ago we can never truly know. Even Young herself did not come to this conclusion until 1998 when at the age of eighty-five she had to be explained the concept of date-rape. So did Gable date-rape Young? We can never truly and honestly know.

  14. Ella says:

    Ah, Hollywood- Tinsel Town…. I cant believe Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons did not have a field day with this!

  15. Margaret Flood says:

    I personally don’t believe that Gable date-raped Loretta. After all she had been married and had had an affair with Spencer Tracy so she wasn’t exactly innocent. My thought is that due to her staunch Catholism, it was easier for her to claim the act was against her will rather than admit she gave in to temptation.

  16. Maria G Stroebel says:

    It’s a shame that things like these happend then and now. The difference is that today’s technology and keen reporters keep actors from their private lives secret. Yes we can all say that it’s immoral but we are not here to judge. All of us have sinned one way or another and those who judge others are hypocrites too.

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