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  1. Michael Glynn says:

    Came across Clark and Kay at a hotel in Naples in 1959. Cannot recall the name of the hotel.
    Your help would be appreciated.

  2. Wow says:

    TCM is having Clark Gable star of the month. The unfortunate part is not that it’s on Tuesday nights instead of the habitual Friday nights, but that they run 8-10 movies back to back till almost noon the next day! I get movie fatigue fast and confuse all films. I made it through 3 Joan Crawford/Myrna Loy night last week and about the same Jean Harlow/Myrna Loy night, this week.

    I found most of his films boring. A few were swell! But when they don’t give him Clark Gable things to do with women, it gets boring fast. Can anyone stay awake during Parnell?? Next week is the boring stuff: 50’s & 60s plus the shoot-me-now GWTW! Only Clark Gable (and Hattie McDaniel) save that film. Olivia de Havilland is swell too, but her part is boring and bland. I don’t think I can ever watch that film again. Maybe in 20 years. Can’t stomach Scarlett and Leslie Howard, what a bore!

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