carole lombard sheepdog
From March 1938:
Carole Lombard’s learned to ride Western every Sunday and to roast a nifty duck; she jounces happily in a station wagon when she might be languishing in a limousine. All for Clark Gable’s company! Now, she’s resuming her interest in flying. In “Test Pilot” Clark’s had to fly so much for the director that he has enough hours in the air to get his pilot’s license. Carole took lessons out at the municipal airport a year or so ago, and she’s on the verge of starting over. She’ll never let it be said that she isn’t a swell sport. She isn’t going to be a fool about the top salary she’s commanding, either. The other day, on the set, she inquired how much the owner wanted for a sheep dog acting in her picture. He replied, “Five hundred dollars.” A prop man popped an inquiry, and the answer was “A hundred and fifty.” Carole didn’t buy Snoopy and Snoopy’s papa is no doubt sorry he underestimated this star.