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I think every year I say that it was a busy year around the website, but this year it really was!

This year marked the 75th anniversary of Gone with the Wind, and around here we celebrated with a GWTW item every Wednesday–

clark gable vivien leigh gone with the wind

Gone with the Wednesdays:

Introducing Gone with the Wednesdays

An English Girl as Scarlett?

I Was Afraid of Rhett Butler!

Photoplay Magazine Makes Their Choice For Rhett

The Gift of Rhett

Leslie Howard Speaks Scarlett

Clark Gives the Latest News on Gone with the Wind

Here’s Rhett–You Asked For Him!

Is This Scarlett?

Clark Gable Reflects Back on Rhett Butler

Repost–A Different Ending for Gone with the Wind

Clark Gable and the Dreaded Technicolor Tests

Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of Gone with the Wind in Georgia

The Wind is Here Again

Gone with the Wind Indeed

Facts for Your Own Gone with the Wind Trivia Game

Snag Yourself a Scarlett Sweater

Hat’s Off to Debbie Reynolds’ Final Auction

Honor Page

Frankly My Dear, I Think I’ll Have a Drink

Repost–Spotlight on: Vivien Leigh

1938’s Casting Roundabout

Memorable Scenes Await You

Marietta Celebrates the 75th Anniversary

Some Upcoming 75th Anniversary Events

75 Years of Frankly My Dear…

Olivia Knows…Clark is a Softie

Vivien Leigh, Unafraid

Portrait of Rhett Butler

Who’s That Girl?

Clark Gable Rights a Wrong

The Stars Before the Wind

Clark Gable, George Cukor and the Rumor Mill

Vivien Leigh, Rhett Butler and I

Celebrate the 75th Anniversary in Ohio with the Clark Gable Foundation

Test Your Clark Gable Knowledge

Coming to a Theater Near You

Cut Out of the Barbecue

I’ve Seen You Before

Rhett Said It Part 1

Rhett Said It Part 2

75th Anniversary Event in Cadiz, Ohio

New Books and the Wind in Texas

Carole Lombard O’Hara

Via Col Vento Signed by Clark Gable

It Pays to Advertise

My Film Passion

Gone with the Turkey

On the Set

45 Atlanta Premiere Facts

Merry Christmas from David Selznick

Repost-Gone with the Wind Hits Los Angeles

That’s All Folks


Notably this year, I hopped on a plane and took a visit to Clark’s home state of Ohio, something I have wanted to do for years!clark gable cadiz ohio


Ohio: Cadiz, Where Clark Gable was Born

Ohio: Dennison, Where Clark Gable was Baptized

Ohio: Hopedale, Where Clark Gable Grew Up

Ohio: Palmyra, Where Clark Gable Lived

Ohio: Akron, Where Clark Gable Caught the Acting Bug


clark gable carole lombard

This year also marked the 75th anniversary of the marriage of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard:

Happy 75th Anniversary, Clark Gable and Carole Lombard


I also devoted the month of October to Carole, which I do annually:

It’s Carole Lombard Month! (and some more news)

Happy Birthday, Carole Lombard

Photos: Farmer Gable and His Wife

Clark Gable, Carole Lombard and One Wild Cat

Carole Lombard Roundup

Clark Gable, Carole Lombard and the Bracelet that Raises Questions

Carole Lombard Top 5


Also noted was the 80th anniversary of It Happened One Night:

clark gable claudette colbert it happened one night

It Happened One Night, 80 Years Ago


New Articles that were added to the site this year:


1933: Clark Gable’s New Years Resolutions

1942: This Was Carole

1940: Two Happy People Part 1

1936: Humor is a Habit with Gable

1940: Help Kill Crazy Rumors About Me!

1953: Gable Wants to Marry Again

1961: Clark Gable’s Baby: This is a Story of Faith and Immortality

1950: Meet a Great Lady

1950: Just Call Him King

1942: A Letter to Heaven

1939: The Clark Gables at Home


Movie of the Month:

February, March and April–Nutshell Reviews of every Gable film

May–Susan Lenox: Her Fall and Rise

June–Dance Fools Dance (1931)

August–San Francisco (1936)

September–Lone Star (1952)

October–Manhattan Melodrama (1934)

November–It Started in Naples


New Years Resolutions for the Site:

I was lousy at Movie of the Month this year. (hangs head in shame) I do re-watch the films I choose and re-read my research on them before I post about them so it does take a good amount of time. I vow to do better in 2015!

I have nearly 80 articles in a pile waiting to be typed for the site. Articles are going to be a big focus here this year!

Thanks everyone for your continued support as the site enters its sixth year!