carole lombard

Since it’s time for another Gone with the Wednesday and it’s the end of Carole Lombard month, let’s combine the two!

Carole Lombard was a warm-blooded female in the 1930’s, which means she read Gone with the Wind and dreamed of playing Scarlett.

Carole was so enamored with the idea that she appealed to everyone’s first choice for Rhett Butler—Clark Gable, naturally. Before they were romantically involved, she reportedly sent him a copy of the book with a note that said, “Let’s do it! Carole.” Clark promptly called her up for a date, thinking it was a proposition of a different sort. When it turned out not to be, that copy of GWTW found itself in his bathroom, unread for years.

Carole didn’t get the role of Scarlett of course (wasn’t even screentested–although wouldn’t that have been something to see!) but she did win the real life role of Mrs. Rhett Butler–not a bad consolation prize. She was greeted as such when she arrived to the set of ┬áher film Mr. and Mrs. Smith:

clark gable carole lombard