clark gable carole lombard

From February 1941:

More and more it’s becoming apparent in Hollywood that one movie career and one only in the family is the rule for happy marriage. With this so apparent, one smart girl, who loves her husband above all else, is taking steps in the right direction.

Yes, Carole Lombard, who loves her husband Clark Gable so devotedly, has announced in the future she’ll make only one picture a year.

“At the very most, I’ll make three in two years,” Carole said. “I want to be free to join Clark in his between picture vacations.”

Maybe Carole has in mind that vacation Bob Taylor and Barbara Stanwyck have been trying to take together for several years. But either Bob is free whil Barbara works or it’s the other way around.

At any rate, the two-career marriage have only a 50-50 chance, it seems, and Carole Lombard is taking no chances with hers.

Happy Valentine’s Day!