clark gable

From December 1931:

Clark Gable almost had his coat and vest and golf knickers torn off at the preview of “Susan Lenox” in a small town near Hollywood. The only reason Clark didn’t come home in a barrel is because he managed to outrun the hysterical femmes who were waiting for him at the finish of the picture.

Poor Gable! He tried to smile and “be nice” to the crowd until the ladies began to tear and pull at his necktie and his shirt. When one of the small-town vamps began to shout, “Give us a kiss,” and all the other small-town vamps seemed bent on putting the suggestion into action, Clark made a run for his car, jumped on the running-board and drove to a dark corner a mile away where he was later joined by his wife.

Some folks call it Fame–but that isn’t what Clark calls it!

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One Response to Gossip Friday: Attacked by Small Town Vamps

  1. Gisoo Kamandian says:

    what did he call that after all? ;)

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