Gone with the Wind did not suffer from lack of marketing. Products sporting the film’s name were pushed upon the public long before the film was released; everything from clothing to perfume to candies to jewelry.

In 1938, even before the film was cast, you could buy yourself a “Scarlett O’Hara sweater” that is “inspired” by the film:

gone with the wind scarlett sweater

Or you could “Play the lead in Gone with the Wind” in this dress:

scarlett dress gone with the wind

As the film was in production and released, the marketing hit a fever pitch and you could get your hands on Gone with the Wind jewelry:

gone with the wind jewelry

Or you could win it in a magazine contest!

gone with the wind jewelry gone with the wind jewelry

In case you’re wondering who beat you to the punch and won (hope they saved their prizes for their grandchildren!): gone with the wind jewelry