clark gable rhett butler gone with the wind

From June 1940, letter to editor:

Never having complained before, I feel I am entitled to do so now.

I sat through Gone with the Wind twice, thanks to Clark Gable’s excellence performance (and he is not my favorite actor.) Everyone I have seen since the picture was shown here was highly enthusiastic over his marvelous portrayal of Rhett Butler. Now it seems he has been completely ignored, and consideration give to a silly and boring performance by James Stewart in “Mr. Smith, etc.” Finally the Academy Award was given to Robert Donat. Nice going! It’s a wonder to us that Gable’s name was even recalled in connection with the picture, now that the profits are rolling in. Oh, we know that he was well paid, but so are the others.

It is not a matter of begrudging any star what the voters believe he has earned, but it is a matter of giving the public a chance to express itself before these awards are made. We pay for it all and we (my friends and I) think that both Mr. Gable and Miss de Havilland have been unjustly ignored.

Of the men to select from, just who could or would have been given as fine a performance in the role of Rhett Butler? Many of us have noticed that when a really big part comes along, such as the leads in “Strange Interlude,” “San Francisco,” “Men in White,” this one and many others, they know where to find Mr. Gable. Well, for our part, it’s high time they knew where to find him when thanks are extended!

Marie Alberta Callaghan, San Antonio, Texas.

P.S. I heartily agree with the sentiments herein expressed.

Theresa Estelle Morin, San Antonio, Texas.