clark gable

A reader’s letter in a fan magazine, from August 1942:


An Open Letter to Clark Gable

Dear Clark,

First of all, I want to extend to you my deepest sympathy. I can imagine, to some small degree, how much Carole meant to you, how you miss her cheery companionship, her contagious sportsmanship. We’ll all miss her—so please feel that we are eager to share your sorrow.

But I want to ask you to think of us—the millions of your friends and hers—and beg you not to make that loss twofold. We can’t bring Carole back, but we can try to persuade you not to leave us. Won’t you please stand by? The papers said the other day that you wouldn’t make any more pictures. Please don’t do that to us.

I think Carole herself would be the first to urge you to be a good soldier and not desert us. We wait for your pictures; we see your broad grin and you make us forget our troubles with that wicked twinkle in your eye.

You can do more for morale by giving us laughs than by enlisting, as it is also rumored you may do—and I’m not discounting the fact that your services would be very valuable to Uncle Sam. But what I’m trying to say is, we need you here. Maybe, Clark, in helping us to forget, you’d be helping yourself, a little, too.

Mrs. Marjorie Truitt, Snowden, NC