On March 29, 1939, Clark Gable and Carole Lombard were finally married, after three years of will-they-or-won’t-they by the press and their fans. Clark, who emerged on the Hollywood scene just eight years earlier, had been saddled down with an older wife nobody could quite figure out and some secret lovers the press helped him keep hidden. Carole, around Hollywood since her teens, had long been America’s beloved screwball and everyone was breathlessly anticipating her next chapter.

Here is Photoplay magazine wishing Carole best wishes on her new role as Mrs. Gable:


The little guy who spills the moonlight

Over every garden trail,

Who plugs our hearts with silver darts,

And weaves of dreams a bridal veil;

That little guy writes the rules

For Love’s sweet and exotic fable,

Can scribble, with flourish, now,

“Finis: Miss Lombard…Mr. Gable.”

Your Hollywood which manufactures

Reels of Romance by the day,

Which gives us love in plain and fancy

Styles from Nome to Mandalay,

Which serves us thrills in double features,

Now, it seems, has turned the tables;

One slice of Paradise released,

Not for the world…but for the Gables!

A grin…a pair of ears… and then

A dinner…orchids…tender sighs…

A girl who found new ecstasy

With looking into someone’s eyes…

A ring…a promise…can she cook!!!

But never mind, if Love be able

To capture all the joy we wish

For Mr. and Mrs. Gable

clark gable carole lombard married