clark gable jean harlow

From November 1935:

Reports were published that Miss Harlow declared a dislike for Gable, and that she openly stated she would never appear in another picture with him.  Other printed items vouched that Clark replied: “My pet name for Miss Harlow cannot be printed.”

On the day those mis-facts appeared in print, Miss Harlow hurried to her studio publicity director to deny them. She arrived just at the moment when Gable telephoned from his sick-bed to voice and equally vehement denial.

The truth is that Clark remarked that he preferred not to work with “a certain star.” Because he had just finished “Hold Your Man” with Jean, gossipers drew their own  conclusions that Miss Harlow was the “certain star.”

Soon after the picture was finished, Gable was confined to his bed. Jean and friends transported a motion picture projection machine to his home and ran “Hold Your Man” for his entertainment.

Says Miss Harlow: “Clark is a grand fellow and we are the best of friends.”

Says Clark Gable: “Jean is a regular. I’d like to work in every picture she makes.”