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From January 1940:

Prime of the month—came from Robert Taylor, at the expense of Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy. Seems the three of them were lunching together, and Gable and Tracy were”riding” Taylor about being in line for the draft if America goes into the war. They razzed him and razzed him, with: “Poor Taylor; you’ll have to go, but we’re lucky. We’re TOO OLD to be called.”

“Yeah,” flipped Taylor, ducking; “but it took a war to bring THAT out!”


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2 Responses to Gossip Friday: Gable, Tracy and Taylor

  1. Rick Plastina says:

    You have a 1st Class Website dedicated To Gable! Congrats from one Gable fan to another. My Play/Screenplay, “Frankly, My Dear…A Fable About Gable” celebrates this terrific man & actor, too!

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Rick!

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