Well, as I have lamented in prior years, Clark Gable never made a Christmas movie. There isn’t even a great Christmas scene in any of his films. All we have is the brief scene at the very end of The Easiest Way in which him and Constance Bennett see Anita Page trimming the tree on Christmas Eve.

clark gable anita page constance bennett the easiest way christmas

Well, although we have no Christmas scenes to savor this time of year, we can wonder: whatwould Clark have liked for a present? Let’s speculate…

Clothes: Clark was very picky about clothes. He liked his clothes to be well made and fit perfectly. Once he found a piece he liked, he kept it for decades. He didn’t follow trends and didn’t care about what people said about his clothes. Fourth wife Sylvia once tried to tell him that the cuffs of his pants needed to be altered differently and she was ordered out of the dressing room. It isn’t likely that he liked other people to buy him clothes!clark gable

Sports Equipment: fly fishing gear, maybe some new waders, maybe a new hunting rile. He would probably welcome any of that. Not liking to waste things, he would probably demand you return the waders if he thought his were still perfectly fine.

Sentimental Things: Clark really seemed to love things that were personal. Signed portraits, autographed scripts nd books from his friends,a monogrammed robe and lighter–these were things he kept his entire life.

Food: Clark would certainly appreciate a stocking stuffed with peppermint candies, jelly beans or little chocolates. He would love a homemade chocolate cake or a tin of seasoned popcorn. Maybe a bottle of good whiskey to wash things down with as well!

He doesn’t seem to be an easy man to buy for, does he? Well, wen in doubt I’m sure he’d always except a puppy…..

clark gable

Happy Holidays, everyone!