clark gable vivien leigh gone with the wind

American Movie Classics, or AMC, used to be a top contender with TCM as the place on the tube to view classic films. As the years have worn on, commericals have entered their fold, their classic film expert commentators disappeared, and the movies became more recent and more undesirable. Now, the channel is more known for its award winning television programs, such as “Breaking Bad” and (my personal favorite) “Mad Men”.

clark gable gone with the wind

Not tomorrow! Because frankly my dear, AMC is going back to its classic roots and showing Gone with the Wind for 24 hours tomorrow! With commericals (ugh), it’s five hours long! They are showing it at 8:00am, 3:00pm, 8:00pm and 1:00am (Nov. 22). All times are Eastern.

clark gable vivien leigh gone with the wind

TCM is also showing it (and commerical free, of course) at 10:15pm tomorrow as well!

clark gable vivien leigh gone with the wind

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

2 Responses to Prepare for Turkey Day with Lots of Rhett and Scarlett

  1. Thanks for the info :)
    Gonna watch it on TCM 11-21-12 as well
    An on Thanksgiving on AMC :] its my favorite movie of all time!

  2. Margaret says:

    Yep, caught GWTW this morning, and it launched a day-long research project on Vivien, Clark and Carole (and her designer, Billy Haines). Fascinating. Did not get a lick of work done all day, just entrenched in wonderful sites like yours!

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