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The following articles were added to the Article Archive in 2012:

1932: “I’m Not So Sure,” Says Clark Gable

1932: The Great God Gable

1939: The Hilarious Friendship of Clark Gable and Andy Devine

1934: Clark Gable Cuts the Apron Strings

1937: Clark Gable Answers the Call of the Wild

1931: Why Women Go Crazy About Clark Gable

1931: What a Man–Clark Gable

1940: I Was Afraid of Rhett Butler

1955: Live Alone and Like It?

1934: Let’s Go Home with Clark Gable

1938: Gentle Gable

1940: A Woman’s Lowdown on Clark Gable

1955: Clark Gable’s Haunted Love Life

1955: Clark Gable: His Life Story

1936: A Heart to Heart Letter to Carole Lombard and Clark Gable

1938: Why is Carole Lombard Hiding Out from Hollywood?

1949: My Plans for Gable

1936: He Lives His Impulses

1932: Would You Like to Be Mrs. Gable?

1957: She Calls Him “Pappy” But She Calls Him “Darling”

1940: Two Happy People Part IV

1936: Is Carole Lombard in Love At Last?

1961: The Secret Clark Gable and Kay Never Shared

1940: Two Happy People Part II

1933: Behind the Scenes with Jean and Clark

1950: This Was the Lonely Heart

1961: Clark Gable as I Knew Him

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The following films were Movie of the Month in 2012:

January: Key to the City

February: The Hucksters

No March? Ooops.

April: Laughing Sinners

May: Adventure

June: Betrayed

July: A Free Soul

August: Command Decision

September: Dancing Lady

October: The Easiest Way

November: Mogambo

December: Honky Tonk

bill boyd clark gable the painted desert

New, well–new vintage, reviews were posted for the following films:

The Painted Desert

Night Nurse

The Easiest Way

Dance Fools Dance

A Free Soul


Red Dust

Strange Interlude

The White Sister

Hell Divers

No Man of Her Own

Dancing Lady

Hold Your Man

Night Flight

Manhattan Melodrama


Men in White

It Happened One Night

Mutiny on the Bounty

Call of the Wild


clark gable

Over 700 pictures have been added to the gallery in 2012!  We are now at over 10,700 photos!

clark gable too hot to handle

What’s Coming…

I have several radio shows that I need to dust off and put on the site. I’ve had them awhile, but when I changed formats to WordPress I had to delay posting them. I am hoping to get them up in the next few weeks.

Also I have a big stack of articles to type, so they’re coming out, one by one!

Thank you, Clark Gable fans, for your support! There is so much more to come and I appreciate everyone’s encouragement!

Happy New Year!

clark gable van heflin gary cooper jimmy stewart

Clark Gable, Van Heflin, Gary Cooper and Jimmy Stewart, New Years Eve 1957