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From November 1940:

Carole Lombard reported on the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” set with a huge bump on the nose and a lump on the ear, result of a Mr. and Mrs.  fishing trip (Gable’s the Mr.) with two bees practically eating her up. Gable sends her a pound of honey a day, as a gag.

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2 Responses to Gossip Friday: Carole Lombard vs. a Bee

  1. Vincent says:

    Even bees knew Lombard was a honey. :)

    Speaking of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” while making the film, Carole gave some career encouragement to her co-star’s daughter, paving the way for some “bewitching” success many years later:

  2. Lara says:

    Marvelous title! Nothing like Carole Lombard + what I think is one of the funniest words in English (“bee”) to catch my interest in a story! Poor Carole, I hope the bees didn’t hurt her too badly.

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