clark gable carole lombard

From February 24, 1942:

Clark Gable today was expected to report back to work at his studio within a few days to begin work on “Somewhere I’ll Find You.” The production was postphoned indefinitely when the actor’s wife, Carole Lombard, perished in a plane crash in Nevada.

From February 27, 1942:

Clark Gable did not actually work before the cameras the first two days after returning to MGM for “Somewhere I’ll Find You.” He sat quietly on the set talking to his director, Wesley Ruggles, and watching various scenes.

From March 2, 1942:

What can Hollywood offer Clark Gable–without Carole Lombard? It certainly can’t tempt him with more money, more fame, more popularity, more honors. He has enough money to last him the rest of his life. He has already had more fame than any other actor, and more popularity. He has been one of the Top Ten longer than any other star. He has won the Academy Award. He has starred in the greatest picture Hollywood ever made.

To lose himself in work, and to keep the studio from losing the fortune already invested in the picture, Clark is finishing “Somewhere I’ll Find You” with Lana Turner. (The fateful title will probably be changed.) But after that–what will he do?

His closest friends think that all the zest has gone out of acting for Clark. They predict that he will turn to directing.

Clark and Carole were very happy in that house in Encino. There, in spite of the fact that they were movie stars, they could be alone together. It was that small and intimate and secluded. Clark will never be able to go back to that house and live by himself.

Carole’s final answer to any rumors that she and Clark weren’t completely happy was her will. She left everything to him.


But he did go back and live in that Encino house…he never moved again. I have always thought that the house was a piece of the happiness he had with Carole that he just wasn’t willing to let go. The memories that haunted the home made it feel like home to him.

You can read Carole Lombard’s will here.