carole lombard

From June 1937:

Two things Clark Gable brought back with him from that Arizona hunting trip–and Carole Lombard liked neither! One was a goatee! During his absence from civilization, in the mountain forests, Clark raised it. When Carole saw it, she nearly fainted. “Off with it, or else!” she [demanded]. Not liking the “else,” Clark shaved the trick beard. Other item he brought back was a mountain lion. It’s still a cub, but even so, it’s tough. And it doesn’t like Carole. It snaps at her. However, Clark still has it.

Talking of Carole, the poor girl suffers from rashes that burst out all over her whenever she gets even near certain shrubs, vines plants; all members of the poison ivy family in yonder woodland dell. It’s an aftermath of the poison oask she contracted a year or so ago. Poor Carole–isn’t like tough–what with gables and goatees and mountain lions and itch!!