Clark Gable never made a Christmas movie. Not even a movie with a legitimate Christmas scene! Surprising but true.

So, we’ll have to settle for some shots of Clark in the snow to make things festive around here…

with second wife Ria Franklin Gable

clark gable

Strange Interlude (1932)

lana turner clark gable

with Lana Turner in Homecoming (1948)

skiing with Gary Cooper, Jack Hemingway and Ingrid Bergman

jean harlow clark gable

with Jean Harlow in Hold Your Man (1933)

clark gable

Call of the Wild (1935)

clark gable carole lombard

with Carole Lombard in Washington DC

4 Responses to Snowed in with Clark

  1. lovegable says:

    I like the last pic.

  2. Hassie says:

    I just want to make a slight correction…Clark did do a Christmas scene in the 1931 film The Easiest Way. At the end of the movie it shows Clark standing outside his home on what is Christmas Eve as O Holy Night plays in the background, he and Constance Bennett walks into the living room and stands near the decorated Christmas tree.

    Merry Christmas to all!!


  3. admin says:

    You’re right. Hassie. I had posted a picture of that short scene on the website’s Facebook page a few days earlier so I just didn’t mention it here.

  4. Debbie says:

    Great photos! The one of Carole and Clark in D.C. I’ve not seen before.

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