Clark Gable Parnell
Clark on the set of Parnell

 From May 1937:

Never has Clark Gable taken a role more seriously than “Parnell.” For the three days he was filming Parnell’s death, he went around looking like a ghost. He wouldn’t even ride his bike. He just gloomed. On top of that, he had a very bad cold.

Late one afternoon frantic calls from newspapers besieged MGM demanding to know the truth about a rumor that Gable was dead. Gable replied from the Beverly Wilshire that the Gable rumor was garbled.

 The moment the picture was finished, Gable dashed for the Arizona mountains on a hunting trip with Ted Tetrach of the property department, to be gone two weeks.


If they thought he was gloomy then, they should have seen him after the film flopped!

Lots of new pictures in the gallery this week. I am beginning to upload the pictures from my Los Angeles trip, many more than appeared in the blog posts.

Happy Veterans Day!