Since “Saratoga” is Movie of the Month and we’re celebrating Jean Harlow’s centennial…

From August 1937:

 On the Saratoga set, watching Clark Gable and Jean Harlow emote, the onlookers snicker when Gable does an impromptu imitation of the Harlow walk. Sitting on the sidelines, Peggy, Jeans hairdresser, is wearing that super-colossal star sapphire ring. The scene is shot and lunch is called. Before she leaves for the commissary Peggy slips the ring off her finger and hands it to Jean, but Jean returns it. Wear it to lunch, Peggy, she says. Maybe youll do yourself some good. So Peggy rushes off to startle her friends, and Jean turns to us. Ill bet you didnt know, she says, that were going steady.

Just because she likes swing music, a lot of rumors have been popping up about Jean Harlow. She enjoys a hot trumpet and Bill Powell doesnt, so shes been dropping in on one of Hollywoods better known swing salons with Don Friede, her literary agent. (Miss H., as you know, has written a book. It may not hurt the sale of Gone with the Wind, but still its a book, and a couple of studios are dickering for it.) To the tune of Basin Street Blues  Jean dreams her dreams and perhaps whips up an outline for her next novel. At any rate, she must have won her point, for one evening we dropped into the swing palace and found her there with agent who couldnt have been anyone but Bill Powell.

Jean and Bill, incidentally, celebrated their third anniversary last month. It was the third anniversary of the day they first went out together, and three years of keeping steady company is something of a record in Hollywood. Personal to Miss H.: Why dont you two get married?



Jean Harlow & William Powell

Jean Harlow & William Powell


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