clark gable ria langham

From February 1939:

One of the most attractive and popular matrons in Hollywood is Ria Gable. Even though she separated from Clark Gable, all their old friends clung to Ria as a tribute to her. Recently Ria returned from a trip to New York. Hollywood was happy to have her back. And Ria says the highlight of her trip was an afternoon spent in Gloria Swanson’s New York apartment.  The decorating scheme and all the furnishings of her Hollywood home have been transferred East by Gloria. The same charm, the same individuality that made Gloria Swanson’s home a showplace in Hollywood, makes her new residence of the really outstanding places in the big city.


I grow a bit tired of these fan magazines constantly brown nosing Ria…maybe that’s just me. Interesting though that she visited Gloria Swanson! What’s funny is that after Clark married Carole (just a month after this gossip item was published), Ria was on nobody’s schmooze list anymore–there was a new Mrs. Gable in town!

There are lots of new pictures in the gallery this week, including more from my Hollywood trip.