Here’s a Christmassy photo of Clark Gable if there ever was one!

I’ve had this photo in my collection for several years:

clark gable

But I had no background info, no date, no location and no idea why on earth Clark Gable would be pulling three seemingly random ladies on a sled. I don’t much like posting pictures I have no information about so I left it in my unknown file and frankly forgot about it.

So I was very happy to come upon a news clipping of this very photo complete with caption!

clark gable snow christmas new york 1934

Dated March 2, 1934:

THRILLS HIS SCREEN FANS–Clark Gable, who has snarled traffic more than once during his first visit east since he attained screen fame, gets a taste of a New York blizzard. He seems to be enjoying it as he takes a bevy of dancers for a sleigh ride on the roof of the theater where he has been making personal appearances.

Quite a blizzard it was–15 to 25 inches of snow! Clark would fit in today in his smart belted coat (somebody get the man some gloves), and I’m loving the ladies’ coats (although they were more than likely real fur…), stylin’ hats, booties and dark lipstick.

A cheap photo op, sure, but what a delight and story to tell for those three ladies!