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Continuing our news clippings series, following Carole around in 1936…we pick up in May.

Here’s January-April.


May 12:

Carole Lombard’s hospital party, after she recovered from the flu, brought guest dressed as doctors and nurses. They arrived in ambulances and sat around on hospital cots sipping cocktails from medicine bottles. A hospital shower for Margot Grahame, about to lose her appendix, netted her 16 hot water bottles.

May 20:

The romance scouts are speculating on the temperature of Gable’s friendship with Carole Lombard. He has been meeting her at the Paramount gate every afternoon at 5.

May 28:

At Carole Lombard’s house party the other night, a departing guest asked if he might borrow a book. Carole agreed, but not enthusiastically. “Don’t look so forlorn,” the borrower said, “I’ll remember where I got it.” 

“Never mind remembering where you got it,” Miss Lombard snapped, “just remember to bring it back.”

May 29:

Carole Lombard has just moved into her new home in the exclusive Beverly Hills section of Hollywood. Miss Lombard, who is co-starred with Fred MacMurray in Paramount’s “The Princess Comes Across,” describes one of the highlights of her house.

“It has no dining room,” said Miss Lombard. “This may sound crazy to those who are acquainted with my penchant for entertaining but the very fact that I do love to have my houses full of guests whenever possible is one reason I’m so enthused about this plan. I always eat on a small table before the fire when I’m alone. And when I do entertain I always have so many people that a buffet supper is the logical and graceful method.

“I think dining rooms in houses today are just wasted space.”

Lots of press for “The Princess Comes Across.”

carole lombard fred macmurray princess comes across

June 5:

Carole Lombard had a disguise backfire on her the other day when she ventured into downtown Los Angeles to do some shopping. She wore tailored tweeds and dark glasses, and scarcely had left her car when somebody yelled, “There’s Greta Garbo!”

Immediately she was surrounded by a gawking throng, and couldn’t move until she removed the goggled and proved she wasn’t the elusive Swede. Oddly enough, because she had her hair combed straight back, and because the crowd was expecting to see Garbo, nobody recognized her as Miss Lombard.

June 19:

While rumors persisted that “everything was set but the date” regarding Carole Lombard’s romance with Clark Gable, the latter was involved in new difficulties with his estranged third wife. They came to light when he filed suit for recognition of property settlement made with Mrs. Rhea Langham Gable when they separated last fall.

June 27:

The unusual illness of blonde Carole Lombard which permits her to work in Hollywood but not on location in Alaska was the subject of bitter comment here today, it was reported.

The sophisticated star declared she was unable to join a movie company on an expedition to Ketchikan, Alaska, where the 1936 salmon run was to be filmed for an outdoor picture.

Other members of the cast, many of whom were hired for the single picture, could not understand why Miss Lombard’s illness permitted her to accept engagements here.

The studio cast of 15 players hired a ship on which they were to live, and made all preparations for the departure Saturday.

Paramount officials said that Miss Lombard reported she was unable to make the trip because she feared the damp climate expected in Alaska might aggravate her illness.

Commented one of the actors who had been looking forward to the trip: “But she’s still well enough to run around with that big-eared star.”

A little digging reveals this film was to be called “Spawn of the North.” It was supposed to star Carole and Cary Grant. It was finally made in 1938 with Dorothy Lamour, Henry Fonda and George Raft.

July 1:

Not until you have been out with some of the better known screen favorites can you fully appreciate how many imbeciles there are among the fans…One night Carole Lombard and Clark Gable and a  few others were ankling along a boulevard when a crowd gathered. Gable and Lombard were surrounded by them, shoved and pushed and otherwise mangled…They both tried to smile and groped for a way out…Their obvious predicament amused the crowd, which responded with happy cracks, which is what usually follows when people are self-conscious…Finally one greasy-looking man pushed forward–close to them and shouted: “Humph. They’re not so much.” He probably had more fun the next day telling friends about it.

August 8:

(Jimmy Fidler)

Carole Lombard’s laugh is raucous and unattractive, loudest of any woman I know. Sound technicians guard against it constantly.

August 30:

Convicted of sending improper letters through the mails to a film star’s secretary, Frank T. Shadow, alias Frank Chateau, was in jail today awaiting sentence.

Miss Madelyn Fields, secretary to Carole Lombard, was the complaining witness.

Wonder what that was about??

September 7:

Clark Gable and Carole Lombard glimpsed whispering this and that in a Hungarian lunchery.

September 16:

I (Jimmy Fidler) accept more seriously than most the rumors of an ultimate marriage of Carole Lombard and Clark Gable. In the first place, I think Carole is more than willing. In the second place, at a shooting range the other evening I asked Clark if he intends to marry again. “Sure,” he answered, “Why not? I’m normal.” “What sort of woman will your next wife be?” I persisted. He ceased firing, lowered the gunbutt from his shoulder, and said, “A woman who can make me laugh.” How well Carole Lombard fulfills the requirement!

Lots of (good) press for “My Man Godfrey.”

carole lombard william powell my man godfrey carole lombard william powell my man godfrey

October 5:

Carole Lombard is to appear in a color feature called “Safari.” Twentieth Century Fox is already shooting an African item titled “White Hunter.” 

That didn’t happen.

October 10:

Carole Lombard is taking the necessary legal steps to change her name to just that. Born Jane Peters, the actress has attained world fame as Carole Lombard. Therefore, she wants to use that name at all times.

October 22:

Carole Lombard is demanding an increase in salary or threatens not to sign her new contract.

Right above that was this blurb:

Mickey Mouse is 8 years old. He was created just that long ago by Walt Disney, who is now 34 years old and is reputed to make $500,000 a year on Mickey.

That’s about what the Walt Disney Company makes a year now doesn’t it? Found that funny. Adjusted for inflation that is over $8 million. Which is still just a tad less than the Disney company rakes in in a year.

October 28:

Carole Lombard is taking singing lessons against the time she must lift her voice in “Morning, Noon and Night.”

That was a working title for “Swing High, Swing Low.”

November 4:

Carole Lombard supervised the decoration of her new home and designed all of the furniture.

carole lombard name change 1936

Carole signing the papers to legally change her name

November 7:

Mrs. Jane Peters Powell legally went out of existence today as the name was supplanted in public records by that of Carole Lombard. 

Miss Lombard was granted court permission to drop her legal name in favor of her screen name in a hearing before Superior Judge Fletcher Bowron.

The actress declared that the name Carole Lombard was valuable to her from a business standpoint and she wished to protect it through the court action. Her name originally was Jane Peters. The Powell was added upon her marriage to William Powell, whom she later divorced.

November 11:

Visit of Carole Lombard to the Hall of Records to legalize her movie name has given the movie colony another reason to believe the blonde screen actress and Clark Gable, star leading man, soon will march to the altar. Two reasons, romantic and psychic, were read into Miss Lombard’s visit. The romance between the two had been going on since Gable and his wife separated last year.

clark gable carole lombard 1936

November 21:

Clark Gable being presented a “gag” package at the airport, as a send-off from Carole Lombard.

November 24:

Carole Lombard has arranged an intimate dinner party at her new home in Bel Air, swanky suburb. Guests will include Fieldsie, her secretary, her mother, brother and sister-in-law who reside in Hollywood. And , to sustain romantic rumors, perhaps Clark Gable.

November 28:

Carole Lombard not only will sing, but will hoof some snappy tap steps in “Swing High, Swing Low.”

December 5:

Carole Lombard will get $150,000 a year for three years under a new contract with Paramount. She will do three pictures a year.

That’s $2.6 million adjusted for inflation. No small potatoes, but then you think of the stars nowadays getting $20 million for one picture.  She essentially got $7.8 million for nine.

December 10:

Carole Lombard, film actress, was reported ill with laryngitis today.

carole lombard fashion

December 11:

Carole Lombard, film actress, was confined to her home with a severe attack of laryngitis contracted while working late on a set.

December 15:

The dilapidated automobile Carole Lombard gave Clark Gable as a valentine is “not for sale at any price,” Gable told salesmen and souvenir hunters today. He refused $1,000 for the ancient chariot.

“I’ve become attached to it,” Gable explained.

The car came to him last Valentine’s day, very old and in a state of disintegration. But the actress had painted large red hearts and rosy cupids on the white hood and chassis, and Gable treasures it now.

He spurned his larger automobile recently, and escorted Miss Lombard to a  glittering premiere in the old wreck.

Souvenir hunters have sought to buy it, and salesmen made attractive trade-in offers on new cars. Gable won’t sell.

“I’m very sentimental,” he grinned.


December 20:

Carole Lombard’s jewels are for sale. At least her famous star sapphires (one of them is 157 karats) will no longer be worn by the Paramount star. “They’ve become too much of a fad,” announced Carole on the “Swing High, Swing Low” set today and for the present (until Carole hears of a buyer) her valuable collection will be placed in a safety deposit box.

December 22:

Carole Lombard, glamorous cinema actress, says she lives a relatively quiet life. “The popular notion that all my parties are hysterical and sensation is wrong. I entertain very little.”

December 23:

Carole Lombard, running true to reputation as a practical joker, is giving Clark Gable complete hunting equipment. (Maybe Clark will now take some lessons in shooting.)

December 24:

Carole Lombard: “As an actress, I think I’m something like an automobile. No I don’t mean that I can be driven just so far. I mean that a car has to be driven a certain number of miles before it’s broken in properly and really begins to perform. After 10 years before the cameras, I believe I’m just getting broken in and learning to loosen up in my portrayals.”

December 25:

Feminine Hollywood goes to the races Christmas day amid holiday furore and holiday fur. A silver fox cape is to complete Carole Lombard’s muchly zippered all-black outfit of short skirt with attached short-sleeves jacket and three-quarter length box coat. A silver zipper ending in a monogrammed silver tab runs up the front of the dress, with similar zippers on each of the pockets. The hat is broad-brimmed black felt.

December 30:

Carole Lombard has a bruised shoulder from blazing away with that hunting rifle Clark Gable bought her.